Our Beginnings - Generation I (John Carter, Sr.) We are so fortunate to have a written account of this generation.  The document that Aunt Alice provided is available in it's entirety from Carl Wynne.

Very little is known of the Carter family’s early history; most of what is known was derived from the elders’ word of mouth recollections of their earlier lives. The longest living of John Carter Jr’s children, Alice Brisbane, related some of the family history to her grandchildren [Felicia, Reginald Colston and McClester Brisbane] and to her Carter family nieces and nephews when they visited her in Long Branch New Jersey or in New York City.
The earliest known Carter family lived in Danville Kentucky during slavery on the plantation of Robert Carter (a Dutch American) their owner and “slave master.”  The slave family’s father was John Sr and the mother was Harriet. There were eight children born to this union: George, Sam, Rhoda, John Jr, Mary, Robert (Bob), Betty and Alice.
The John Carter Sr. family escaped from slavery on the Robert Carter plantation. They joined a rag-tag group of run-away slaves, freedmen and hangers-on that trailed the Union Army. John Jr was a “water-boy” and his mother was a cook and laundress for some of the Army’s officers.
The John Carter Sr family, after the Civil War ended, went to a rural area in Tennessee not far from Memphis, where they settled. There, the children grew up, married and established homes of their own.  Not much is known about the John Carter Jr (Othermama's Grandfather) family during this early period after the war.  He married his dream girl “Nellie and she bore him nine children: Alice, Sally, Carrie, Carl (Bud) (Othermama's Daddy), Robert (Bob), Dolly, Sam and Maggie.  Little Charley died during infancy. The children called their mother Mammy; she was  Nancy to friends and a devoted wife. 

John Sr. and his wife Harriet remained behind in Tennessee when four of his grown-up children decided to leave for a hoped for better way of life in the North.  They settled into Emporia, KS. (The children who moved on were John Jr., Bob, Rhoda and Betty.)

These family history facts were written by Alice Marriot (Aunt Alice).  She has left a beautiful 21 page document that she gifted to Carl and Lynette Wynne.