Generation 4 -

The following articles reflect the lives of some of the children of Carl and Monnie Carter.  Also, excerpts are provided from the obituary of one of Dolly's (Carl's sister) children (Chester C. Carter.)  Some of us were fortunate to have known and shared in their life experiences.    ENJOY.........




Mary Alice Marriot was born April 29, 1897 in Emporia, KS. and had lived in Pomona, CA. since 1974.  She also lived in Phoenix, AZ.  


Mrs. Mariott was a Latin and English teacher for many years.  She taught at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, MO., the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama and North High School in Phoenix.  She held a bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Kansas State Teachers College in Emporia.  


She was a former board member of the Pomona Valley YMCA and a member of the Primm A.M.E. Church in Pomona, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Eastern Star in Phoenix, American Association of University Women, Golden Age Senior Citizens Club and Pomona Roamers Club.  


She was a very loving and wonderful Mother, Grandmother, Sister and Aunt to many nieces and nephews in Kansas City, where she regularly visited and shared her knowledge and wisdom with all who would listen.  


Article from Page 14 THE CALL NEWSPAPER, Kansas City, MO., Week of May 8 to May 14, 1981

Myrtle Carter Berry, mother of five children, was asked to say a few words recently when fellow students in a Donnelly College math class presented her a card on on 76th birthday.

I told all of them, 'If you're a dropout, don't wait as long as I did to go back to school',”related Mrs. Berry, who started her college studies two year ago. When Mrs Berry earned a GED (equivalency of a high school diploma) three years ago she had not been to school in 55 years; she dropped out of high school in Emporia in 1923. Taking a 12-hour load this semester at Donnelly, Mrs. Berry has a strong motive for completing college studies: I'm tired of being introduced as “'the only one in the family without a college degree',” she said. Whenever I visit my only living sister in California, she always corrects my English and introduces me as owner of an antique shop.

Mrs. Berry, of Kansas City, KS., who walks 17 blocks (one way) to classes each day and who never learned to drive a car, doesn't own (or even work in) an antique shop. But her family always felt the type of work she did was degrading: cleaning in homes, she revealed.

I had three sisters and a brother- all college grads and professionals,” Mrs. Berry said. “It had always been my mother's wish that I go to college.” Now that she's fulfilling her late mother's wishes, Mrs. Berry wants to impress that point on her 84-year old sister a retired English teacher who lives in Pomona, California. Mrs. Berry said she plans to visit her this summer and remind her that it's never too late to get an education.

Even though she feels she let her mother down by quitting school to get married, Mrs. Berry feels “well blessed.” She has raised five children and two grandchildren and “all but one of them are doing well today.” They invite her to all their outings in the park and family dinners, she said.

I'm going as far as I can,” she said. “The doctor's been telling me almost 50 years, 'You won't be here much longer,' but I am. I'll put that in the hands of the Lord, as I always do when I have a problem.” She gets along well with her classmates at Donnelly, as she does with people in general: “I've never had a student say an ugly word to me...People have been very nice and I feel I should pass it on.”




Excerpts from his Obituary....

Even the rocks shall be dissolved and pass away. So it is also that our friend and counselor John R. Carter has gone, but the legacy he leaves behind is beautiful and symbolizes the strength and character of a rock.

Mr. Carter was born in Emporia, KS. September 1, 1906. He was the youngest of the seven children born to Carl and Monnie Carter. He attended the public schools of Emporia and graduated with honors from Emporia High School. Thus the rock began to form. Sediments from his first teachings had begun to take shape.

While attending Kansas State Teachers College the pieces were pressured together to make the sharp young man who came to Wichita in 1928 to give a total of 39 years of service to our city first as a teacher and later as an elementary school principal.

John Carter married Irene Childress in the year 1929. He received the Master of Science Degree in School Administration from the University of Minnesota in 1949.

His polishing experiences are registered in the minds and hearts of all of us. Most notable among these are his contributions to the education of hundreds of boys and girls. Those who worked with him tell of the many purchases of food and clothing from his own income to be given to those who looked to him for help. Outstanding to his credit are the examples of three young men and one young lady, who polished by his leadership became themselves Wichita elementary school principals.

John Carter was a member of the St. Paul A.M.E. Church and served as a trustee and worked as a layman. He held membership in the National Educations Association, Kansas State Teachers Association, Wichita City Teachers Association, and the Elementary Principals Association. He was a member of the Fred Douglas Lodge No. 99. Finally to further aid the boys and girls of Wichita, he served on the Executive Board of the Wichita Child Day Care Center.

But as even the rock shall wear away, so did our Rock John Carter wear away October 18, 1968.